The Top 5 Mainstream Pro-Israel Songs Of All Time


5. Jerusalem (Alpha Blondy)

Peppered with Hebrew, reggae star Alpha Blondy’s song Jerusalem makes it on my list.

4. Tel Aviv (Duran Duran)

An ode to Tel Aviv, lead singer Simon Le Bon has stated that “Tel Aviv” is about when he was in Israel working on a Kibbutz.

3. Jerusalem (Matisyahu)

The second reggae song on my list called Jerusalem, the lyrics to Jerusalem speak for themselves.

Jerusalem, if I forget you

Let my right hand forget what it’s supposed to do – Psalm 137:5

2. This Land Is Mine (Pat Boone)

The Academy Award-winning score for the 1960 film Exodus, they don’t come much more pro-Israel than this.

1. Neighborhood Bully (Bob Dylan)

I suspect this will be at the top of most people’s lists. A song from the point of view of someone using sarcasm to defend Israel’s right to exist, the song especially resonates with those of us tired of how Israel is portrayed in the media and international forums.

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