Something Else That Blows “Apartheid” Israel Lie Out Of Water


Israel’s National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) has just instituted a new saving plan for children, in which a long-term savings plan shall be opened for each child who is eligible for child allowance. Bituach Leumi will deposit in the savings plan NIS 50 monthly
until the child reaches the age of 18, in addition to the child allowance which is
being paid for the child. Parents can choose an investment provident fund or bank savings account to which the funds will be deposited.

A great plan, for sure, but what makes this Israellycool-worthy are the options for the investment tracks you can choose.

The track which accords with Sharia law means the fund invests in companies that do not violate Sharia law.

Think about this for a second. In the fine print of some new saving plan for Israeli children, our Muslim citizens have the option to conform to Sharia law. I am not even sure if any Arab countries offer this!

The lie that Israel is somehow an apartheid state should have been blown out of the water just by seeing how Arab-Israelis are part of Israeli society – whether in daily, political or cultural life. This new savings plan shows the extent to which their rights are entrenched in the law.

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