Genocidal Jew-Hater Of The Day: Shawn Jones (Ohio)


Meet Shawn Jones.

He thinks he’s hot stuff, but I suspect the only hot stuff here is where he’s heading (think guy with pitchfork).

Shawn decided to leave the following comments to this post at Israellycool.

This is his Disqus profile.

From here, we make the connection to his old Twitter account.

And confirmation this Fabio wannabe is the Jew hater in question.

Here are more examples of his unhinged antisemitism.

And quite frankly, he seems like a dangerous person.

More here, here and here.

Shawn, you are a lowlife and scumball. A failure at life. And dumb as bricks.

Enjoy your new found “fame”. Good luck trying to find a job now, dumbass.

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