WATCH: Interview With German Israel Advocate Andreas Boldt In Wake Of Berlin Terror Attack

Andreas Boldt is one of Germany’s most outspoken advocates for Israel, whose personal mission in life is to make German’s understand that the fight for Israel is the fight for the freedom of their own country. He has been an informal advisor to me on German affairs since I moved to Germany, and also translated my “Love Letter to Germany” for his blog, and it quickly went viral. Here, we discuss the terrorist attack at the Berlin Christmas market and what is going through the minds of average Germans.

I encourage you to have all your German speaking friends like his Israel-German Friendship FB page.


Orit Arfa

Orit Arfa is an author / journalist / philosopher/ painter / singer / songwriter / video-producer, whose works challenge the worldview of almost everybody. For examples, read her novels The Settler about what happens when a Gush Katif settler walks into a Tel Aviv bar, and Underskin, a steamy German-Israeli romance. Visit her website:

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