An Open Letter To An Israel Hater

Sometimes thoughts come in groups. That’s what happened to me after I heard about United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334. I wanted to say something to Senegal, and I did. I wanted to say something to New Zealand, and I did.

That leaves three countries that have a hand in this fiasco (and another 10 who deserve our anger and disdain). One is the Ukraine, where just a few days ago, they threw a pig’s head and red paint at the grave site of a much-loved Jewish rabbi who had the misfortune to have lived and died in the Ukraine. Another is Venezuela, whose loyalty as a major oil producer is clearly not going to be centered on little Israel. Venezuela, according to Wikipedia, has a ton of its own problems but still has time to focus on little Israel. Never mind that “Venezuela was the most murderous place on Earth in 2015” and “in Venezuela, a person is murdered every 21 minutes.”

What the UNSC resolution did was suggest that the deaths of 450,000 people in Syria is less important than Israel daring to build apartments for its citizens on land it captured from a country that attacked us. Yes, Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 and lost.

Jordan held the land from 1948 – 1967 and made zero effort to create a Palestinian entity…and not one UN resolution condemned them as “occupiers.” During that time, unlike the almost fifty years that have followed, one religion was denied access to its holiest place – Judaism. Yes, that’s right. Jews were not allowed to go up to the Temple Mount or even visit the Western Wall, and not one nation protested, not one UN resolution accused Jordan of intolerance.

As absurd as that resolution was, the truth is, there was really one nation behind it. Yes, Egypt drafted it (and then withdrew it). Yes, four nations sponsored it and fourteen nations agreed with it, but it was the Obama administration’s abstention that was most responsible for the resolution. First, because Obama’s minions campaigned to have the resolution brought to a vote after Egypt decided to pull the resolution. Second, because I believe the other nations expected the Obama administration to save them from looking as bad as they do now by stepping in with a veto, as has been standard US practice for generations (yes, with a few notable exceptions).

So, the final open letter is to a man who has plotted and planned, hated and despised. A man who came to office by convincing America he could make a dream come true, and leaves us all after delivering only a nightmare.

Barack Obama has proven himself to be petty and childish throughout his years in the White House. More, he is clearly seen, not only in Israel itself, but even in the US as a hugely anti-Israel president (one example from The Washington Post: Why it’s correct to label the Obama administration ‘anti-Israel.’

Obama is a vengeful man, lashing out against those who disagree, or worse, those who don’t fall to his charms and his whims. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t fall for Obama and neither did Israel. Worse, we didn’t agree to commit suicide to help him achieve something that we have, for the most part sadly concluded is un-achievable. You can’t dance the tango alone and you can’t make peace alone – at least not without ending up looking like a fool (at best) or seriously endangering yourself (at worst).

Like Obama, John Kerry’s ego took control and made him think he could be the one to force a peace agreement on Israel (and the Palestinians) and Barack Obama willingly fell into the same idea. They failed. More, their great plan to see their dynasty continue, the deceit and the corruption included, in the reign of Hillary Clinton ended in a humiliating defeat. America voted for Donald Trump in such huge numbers that even the mass efforts of heavily populated California and New York couldn’t over balance the results.

And, on November 9, as America began to come to terms with the Clinton loss AND the Trump victory, Barack Obama became one of the most dangerous men on earth – to Israel, to the idea of any future peace agreement, and to the United States as well. We knew eight long years ago that Obama would be disastrous. What we didn’t know is how un-presidential he would be, how nasty and spiteful.

In the waning days of his administration, he has redefined his legacy. For almost seven decades, the US was, without doubt, Israel’s strongest ally. Obama sought to change that and we here in Israel watched as he worked to turn the American people against us with lies and mistruths. There is no “cycle” of violence. The unilateral actions John Kerry called for – have already been done…by Israel…and they did not end in a peace agreement. The Oslo Accords brought death; the Gaza Disengagement Plan brought us rockets and war.

The US history of cooperation and friendship with Israel was high on Obama’s target list. When Israel was at its weakest, the US jumped in; when the world bordered on crazy, the US balanced it. Yes, past administrations have failed to veto US resolutions in the past, but never under situations such as this and never after eight long years of endless attempts to undermine and pressure the Jewish State. So here goes – my open letter to a man who ultimately will fail.

Dear President Barack Obama,

I want to write of a deceit that will shake the world. But really, deceit implies that someone was expecting something different. We were not deceived by you. From the first, eight long years ago, Israel warned that you were not a friend.

I want to write of the anger of having been betrayed. But really, I think you betrayed America far worse than you betrayed us and so I will leave anger to the American people.

As you dance around your role in the United Nations Security Council vote, attempting to convince the world that you did not carefully orchestrate the betrayal of Israel by your instructions to abstain from UNSC resolution 2334, I will instead offer something different.

Many have condemned the US action; many have ridiculed John Kerry’s attempt to explain the US vote as standard, expected, and anything but the betrayal that it was. I could echo those who insist from the start your goal was to undermine the close relationship between Israel and the US. I could…

But I’d rather take this last opportunity to write something different. To hell with the UN Resolution 2334. To hell with the UN and, dear Barack Obama, to hell with you too. What I really want to say is that you actually don’t matter. Really. Not.

What matters is my people…Israel…and America. Not you. Never you. Never what you planned, never what you implemented. What matters is a promise made and delivered, honored and recognized above and beyond all promises you ever made and broke, or never tried to make.

In today’s world of science and hi-tech, it isn’t very acceptable to say that something is as it should be because God made it that way. We are so conditioned to smartphones and smart cars, that we forget not everything is determined by the machines we make and the algorithms we create. At the end of the day, this election was, above all else, a rejection of your mandate, of Hillary Clinton’s message. It was people responding that they were tired of corruption, tired of the politics of stabbing friends in the back and of ignoring the fundamental truths upon which America was built.

The land and people of Israel are a constant reminder that there are things that go beyond simple facts. Israel was promised to the Jewish people centuries upon centuries before Christianity existed, more than a thousand years before that Mohammed guy took his first step. Through all those thousands of years that John Kerry forgot to mention in his recent speech before the State Department, we were here in this land, doing what we are doing today – living, having children, building homes and communities. You failed to change that over these eight years.

What you could never see or accept, is that we have earned this land with our blood, with our tears, with our dreams. We have fought for it but more, we have worked for it. We have built cities, planted the deserts. We have nurtured this land, fixed the damage caused by invaders. We drained the swamps in the north, planted forests. We have reached out our hands in peace to our neighbors despite the many times those gestures have been refused.

You have ignored the violence, the terror, the rockets, the wars they wage against us and now in these last days I will tell you that my country, my people are eternal. We are not here because the United Nations voted us here in 1947. We are here because God put us here, brought us here, promised it to us over 3,000 years ago. Really. We have outlived more nations than you could count. They dreamed of obliterating us; and they are gone. We remain. We are Israel. In ancient times, in modern times. A nation created, exiled but not destroyed. A nation returned, rebuilt, rejuvenated.

We are a kind people. We take care of ourselves…and others. We are a brave people. We are a strong people. We are, in our own way, even a united people. Something you have never understood. You will not take our land, our home, away.

A single day doesn’t go by in your life when you don’t use something created in Israel – computer parts, cellphone components, technology, medical devices or research. Days before you managed to get an ill-equipped team to Haiti to help in the post-earthquake rescue efforts, we were on the ground with fully equipped teams and field hospitals. We’ve helped in Turkey, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, even in the United States and yet, as fires burned in Israel, you were busy playing golf, or fiddling, or perhaps crafting your UN plan of betrayal. So we put out the fires and will replant what was destroyed – much of it by arson.

You’ve spent 8 years working against Israel (and America) and now, in just 20 days from now, all you did will begin to be undone, erased. Much of this will be done by President Donald Trump and the majority he will have in the House and Senate, as handed to the Republican party by the American people.

As for the UN resolution, I believe that the other nations on the Security Council have long pandered to the Arab nations while using the US veto as their safety net. But in refusing to issue your standard veto, what you did was make them (and you) look like fools.

There are certain unmovable facts. The future cannot change the past, even with a United Nations resolution. It is for the UN and perhaps the US to influence tomorrow; yesterday was never yours to change. The Temple Mount has been an integral part of the Jewish religion for over 3,000 years. By voting to erase this past, the United Nations simply looks stupid. Denying Israel’s historical, cultural, and religious ties to the land we call Judea and Samaria, just makes you and the United Nations look like fools.

No one believed the UN resolution on the Temple Mount; no one will change their minds because of this latest Security Council resolution. Except in one area. Whatever legacy you wanted to leave behind will likely be overshadowed. You will be remembered as the idiot who attempted to deny the Jewish connection to the Jewish State.

It is already 2017 here in Israel. A new year. A few days ago, my middle son and his wife had a baby boy. That is the greatest response to you I could possibly think of. Very soon, very very soon, you will be finished. You will be the past. And despite all your intentions and those of the UN, our past and our future come together here in Israel. We are Israel, perhaps cursed by the nations but always blessed by God.


Paula R. Stern

Paula R. Stern is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd, a leading technical writing company in Israel. She is also a popular blogger with her work appearing on her own sites, A Soldier's Mother and PaulaSays, as well as IsraellyCool and a number of other Jewish and Israeli sites.

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