WATCH: Lithuanian Actress And Ex-MP Asta Baukute Does Nazi Salute On TV

Yesterday I posted about the Lithuanian government’s plans to build a convention center on top of Vilna’s old Jewish cemetery.

Now I see this.

This year, Mein Kampf, Hitler’s autobiography, in which he laid the groundwork for a policy of extermination against the Jews, became a bestseller in Europe.

Having taken a look at what has been going on within recent additions to the European community—including former Soviet republics that broke loose from Russian dominance—one begins to see why the brutal dictator is experiencing a renewed wave of popularity.

Last Saturday, for example, it became known that the Lithuanian Radio and Television broadcasting corporation (LRT), funded by the Lithuanian government, temporarily took off the air the popular TV show Guess the Melody, after a scandalous video surfaced, causing public outrage, Delfi reported.

According to the LRT’s assistant director Rimvydas Paleckis, on Friday night, during a live broadcast of the show, one of the participants—popular Lithuanian movie and theater actress Asta Baukute—having recognized the melody, became so excited that she victoriously shouted “Yeah! Yeah!” and jumped off her seat.

She was about to win the contest.

Standing to her full height in her leather coat and dancing out of excitement, she put both the index and middle finger of her left hand to her upper lip—to indicate Hitler’s mustache—and raised her right hand in a Nazi salute high into the air.

She could not contain herself.

“Judėjas! Judėjas! Judėjas!” (Jew! Jew! Jew!) she yelled in Lithuanian—letting it be known to the cheering studio audience and the supportive show host that the melody in question belonged to Lithuanian composer Simonas Donskovas.

Donskovas, as the readers already have figured out, is a Jew.

“I am in shock,” LRT’s assistant director Rimvydas Paleckis said the next day.

There was no immediate condemnation from the Lithuanian artistic or political class to which this 49-year old actress and mother of three belongs. From 2008-12 Asta Baukute was a member of Lithuanian Parliament representing the Party of National Revival.

No words.

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