Coldplay Pours Cold Water On Israel Concert Talk, But No Victory For BDS


The veil of secrecy around British band Coldplay and the prospect of them performing in Israel continues, with lead singer Chris Martin denying they are in Israel finalizing concert venues.

Confirming that its members are in Israel, Coldplay nonetheless denied a TV report Friday that the band was here finalizing plans for shows for Israelis and Palestinians this coming November, saying no concert was scheduled and that no contract had been signed.

Chris Martin tweeted Friday on the Coldplay account that he and his bandmates were “in Israel and Palestine to listen and learn, that’s all.”

Channel 2 reported Friday that Martin was visiting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jericho and Rawabi to finalize venues for the shows and that tickets would go on sale soon.

Coldplay had last month said through a representative that earlier reports on upcoming shows in Israel or the West Bank were false. Channel 2 had reported that unprecedented joint concerts were scheduled for November 3 and November 4, at an outdoor location north of the Dead Sea, and that tickets would be sold both in Israel and in the Palestinian territories.

Martin said Friday that “there is no concert scheduled; we are just having an enlightening trip to learn about the area.”

Even though some BDS-holes are taking this as some kind of victory, it isn’t.

  • Coldplay clearly recognized Israel in their tweet
  • While in Israel, they are presumably purchasing Israeli goods and services. Not a boycott.
  • In Israel to “listen and learn” is a good thing, and not something BDS-holes generally support, since there is a correlation between depth of knowledge about the conflict and tendency to support Israel

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