Ali Abunimah, Expert On Mental Illness


One of the big news stories at the moment is the arrest of an 19-year-old dual US-Israeli citizen as the main suspect behind bomb threats against Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Jewish Israeli teenager born in the US has been arrested on suspicion of issuing dozens of fake bomb threats against Jewish institutions in North America and elsewhere in recent months, police said on Thursday.

Police said the resident of the southern city of Ashkelon was the subject of a months-long undercover investigation by police’s Lahav 433 cyber unit and the FBI. It said in a statement that the motive behind the bomb threats was unclear. Police said he is 19 years old, but several Israeli media outlets reported him as 18.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the suspect allegedly placed dozens of threatening phone calls to public venues, synagogues and community buildings in the US, New Zealand and Australia. He also placed a threat to Delta Airlines, causing a flight in February 2015 to make an emergency landing.

“He’s the guy who was behind the JCC threats,” Rosenfeld said, referring to the dozens of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centers in the US over the past two months.

The hoax calls were widely regarded as acts of anti-Semitism. The threats led to criticism of President Donald Trump’s administration for not speaking out fast enough. Last month, the White House denounced the threats and rejected “anti-Semitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms.”

Channel 2 reported that the suspect tried to seize the gun of a female police officer when cops arrived at his home to arrest him.

Rosenfeld said the man used advanced technologies to mask the origin of his calls and communications to synagogues, community buildings and public venues. He said police searched his house Thursday morning and discovered antennas and satellite equipment.

“He didn’t use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn’t be backtracked,” Rosenfeld said.

The suspect was brought before the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court later on Thursday for a remand hearing. He was ordered to be placed under 24-hour observation, as a potential danger to himself, Channel 2 reported.

Sources confirmed the suspect is a dual US-Israeli citizen. He was exempted from the mandatory IDF service after recruiters deemed him unfit for military service, according to the Haaretz daily.

During his court hearing, the suspect covered his face with a sweater. A neighbor told the channel he was extremely quiet and would only leave his home to walk a dog, always wearing the same clothes.

So it would be fair to say at this stage that his motives are unclear, but he was possibly mentally disturbed.

Unless you are serial liar and antisemite Ali “Abumination” Abunimah, who has it all worked out. Forget evidence. Ali just knows the young man is not mentally disturbed, but rather did what he did to generate fear to encourage Jews to immigrate to Israel and subjugate palestinians.

Of course, when it suits Ali’s narrative, he will jump at the “mentally disturbed” narrative.

Come to think of it, Ali’s unhinged hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people might be a mental condition.

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