WATCH: Nikki Haley, Superstar


Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, was yesterday interviewed at AIPAC’s annual policy conference.

There is little doubt she was the star of the show. See for yourself – starting from the huge applause as she comes out.

But more importantly, listen to what she says. There are enough quotable quotes here to fill a book. A book I would read. Repeatedly.

Some of my favorites:

  • “I knew they said it was bad [the bias of the UN against Israel], but until you hear it, and you see it, you just can’t comprehend how ridiculous it is.”
  • “The days of Israel-bashing are over.”
  • “I’m not there to play  and what I wanted to make sure of is that the United States started leading again.”
  • “I wear heels. It’s not for a fashion statement. It’s because if I see something wrong, we’re going to kick ’em every single time.”

And of course:

“So for anyone that says you cannot get anything done at the UN, they need to know there’s a new sheriff in town.”

I am really, really liking the new sheriff. And I am clearly not alone.

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