Anti-AIPAC Antisemite Watch: Greta Berlin And Mary Hughes-Thompson


We have already seen some of the antisemitism on display at the anti-AIPAC protests, including the presence of some familiar antisemites.

Now you can add two more vile Jew haters to the list: Greta Berlin and Mary Hughes-Thompson, Free Gaza founders and two of the dumbest antisemites going around (and the bar is admittedly low).

Berlin posted a few photos from the protests on her Facebook page.

Note how Jew-in-name-only Medea Benjamin of Code Pink is more than happy to hang out with these antisemites.

I was also sent this photo of the two hags and an unidentified third one.

Meanwhile, Berlin makes a cameo in this video by Shmuley Boteach. And although I am no fan of his, I am definitely on Team Bobblehead in this case.

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