Dutch Journalist Derk Walters Set To Lie At Anti-Israel Event


A few days ago, reader Paul exposed the real reason why Dutch journalist Derk Walters faces deportation from Israel. It had nothing to do with his pathological hatred for Israel, and everything to do with contravening the application guidelines.

Yet Derk has doubled down, and is now planning to speak to a hostile, anti-Israel audience about why he is being deported.

Per Google auto-translate:

On Wednesday, June 7th will Derk Walters along with Amira Hass a lecture show how it is in Israel to be a journalist and the Palestinian territories. Amira Hass is an Israeli journalist who is best known for her articles in Haaretz . She writes critical and is not always easily get away. Derk Walters is a correspondent for the NRC . He must leave Israel because his visa was not renewed. Of this, he will tell you more. He probably should not be because of his critical pen.

Curious? Soon there are tickets available for this lecture to be held on Wednesday, June 7th at 19:30 in Nieuwspoort The Hague. This lecture organized EAJG with The Rights Forum. The official language is English.

One can reasonably assume that he won’t be admitting to the real reasons for his impending deportation, and will instead claim he is being persecuted because of his critical reports about Israel.

If any of my Dutch readers can make it to hear exactly what he says, please let me know.

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