Electronic Intifada’s Latest Libel Of Me

Antisemitic hate site Electronic Intifada has a history of publish lies and propaganda, all towards its agenda of besmirching Israel. It’s founder Ali Abunimah is also a terror supporter., as I have meticulously documented.

Neither Ali or his minions appreciate me pointing this out to my readership, so they attack me from time to time.

Charlotte Silver

Their latest hit piece, written by Charlotte Silver, tries to implicate me and Israellycool contributor Brian in the recent distribution of fliers against JVP and AMP.


Her proof? We both used the hashtags #sketchyalliance.

Note to Charlotte Silver: I wrote about the fliers on this blog and used the hashtag for my tweet, since I saw it was being used after being asked a question on Twitter by someone. You can see the exchange here.

I have nothing to do with the fliers, although I am fully behind their message, as I wrote in my post. Between dealing with my wife’s illness, day job and looking after my family, I hardly have time to blog, let alone organize a mass flier distribution in another country.

This accusation has echoes of that of serial liar Richard Silverstein, who claimed I was behind a “water libel” of Jews diseminated by the palestinians (including Mahmoud Abbas) because I was one of the first to blog about it!

Speaking of Silverstein, Silver cites him as her source for another of her libels against me: the claim I have a “history of using online aliases” to infiltrate Palestine forums. She refers to a post of his making this accusation – based on a tweet exchange I had with someone who went by the alias JIDF, who had foolishly published my Facebook alias, leading to the account being shut down. Silverstein made the egregious claim that “I posted incendiary pro-terror comments seeking to bait other members into escalating the conversation.”

I have responded to this libel in the past but will repeat my response here: I once used an alias on Facebook so I could feel safe to respond on anti Israel FB groups, without having my real name revealed resulting in me being harassed (my alias was Dave Israel). Silverstein even has a screenshot revealing it.

How could I possibly pick an alias like “Dave Israel” – which sounds pro Israel and not in the least bit Arabic – to infiltrate pro palestinian groups, pretend to be one of them, and bait them into hate speech? It makes no sense and is clearly a lie. Yet Silverstein made the accusation and Charlotte Silver has parroted it.

Silver also libels Brian, claiming he has a history of overt online incitement and racism against Palestinians.

Hate sites like Electronic Intifada have long libelled pro-Israel advocates, especially those of us who are effective. They bank on the fact that suing them for libel can be a costly and tedious process.

It might just be time to make them think again.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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