Palestinian Terrorists Seethe Over Being Called Terrorists

Hamas has been trying really quite kinda hard to not look like the bloodthirsty, antisemitic terrorists they truly are, releasing that brand, new spanking charter policy document a number of weeks ago. And in a move guaranteed to win them this week’s chutzpah award, they followed that up with a condemnation of yesterday’s terror attack in Manchester.

“We condemn the bloody onslaught against the innocent in Manchester, express solidarity with the families of the victims and the wounded in the wake of their tragedy,” the organization’s senior official in Qatar, Izzat al-Rishq, said.

So it is no surprise they got their panties in a twist over President Trump mentioning them in his recent anti terrorism speech in Saudia Arabia, condemning his characterization of them as terrorists and denial of their right to….um, terrorize.

We, in the Islamic Resistance Movement “ Hamas, strongly condemn the claims of the American President , Donald Trump, in front of the Arab and Muslim kings and leaders in which he included Hamas in his list of terrorism and denied the right of the Palestinian people to resist.

But the Terrorist Cognitive Dissonance award goes to their terro buddies the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), who protested being called terrorists by…um, being terrorists.

They should learn a thing or two from PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who is still involved in praising and funding terrorists, but is able to look respectable in front of an international audience.

3 thoughts on “Palestinian Terrorists Seethe Over Being Called Terrorists”

  1. Of course it’s resistance when they do it, but terrorism when their “comrade” in London does it.

  2. MorganCourtenay

    Of course, the terrorist behind the Manchester bombing follows the same ideology as Hamas. These people aren’t fooling anyone.

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