George H. W. Bush In Israel On Way To Fight Islamic State


No, not the not the former US President and dad to another former US President – USS George H.W. Bush, the US navy supercarrier!

A US Navy supercarrier anchored off the Israeli port of Haifa Saturday on a break from operations supporting the US-led coalition’s fight against the Islamic State group.

It is the vessel’s first visit to Israel in 17 years, according to the Israeli military.

An AFP photographer said that the USS George H.W. Bush dropped anchor around five kilometres (three miles) offshore.

Israeli public radio said it did not enter the port due to its 333 metre (1,000 foot) length.

“The carrier is a part of the coalition’s effort against the Islamic State,” the Israeli military said in a brief statement.

It said that in a joint excercise at sea earlier in the week an Israel Air Force helicopter landed on the vessel.

Israeli radio said that it was expected to remain until Wednesday and that crew would celebrate 4th July onshore in Israel.


I hope the personnel are able to enjoy their time in Israel before kicking some IS butt.

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