British Guy Doesn’t Get Fairytale Ending With “Mystery” Israeli Journalist


Yiftah Curiel, Spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in London, noticed the following in a local paper.

And who is the mystery person?

Luckily, we had someone on the case. Nadav Eyal, Chief International Correspondent for Israel’s Channel 10 News, tweeted the answer.

I spoke with Miri Michaeli this morning and asked her if she caught a taxi with a British guy after the U2 concert. She said to me “How do you know?”

Well, you broke his heart.

To which, Miri responded:

If it is me…then Joe (forgive me), you need to watch more on Channel 10 News, that’s how I became familiar with my husband.


At least this was more a pleasant encounter than her previous one with London commuters.

A heavily pregnant journalist took a hidden camera onto the Tube to shame commuters for not giving up their seats.

Mum-to-be Miri Michaeli Schwartz, who works for Israeli TV news service Channel 10, took to Facebook to complain how she has spent nine months visibly wearing a ‘Baby on Board’ badge on her commute to work, in the hope that fellow passengers would let her sit down.

Fed up with being ignored and forced to stand, the 31-year-old took a covert camera onto the London Underground network to film just how bad the situation really was.

Or others in Europe.

Hat tip: Lahav Harkov

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