Terrorist Rasmea Odeh To Be Honored at Farewell Event in Chicago Ahead of Deportation


Soon-to-be-deported terrorist Rasmea Odeh will be honored at a farewell event, featuring Angela Davis, and organized by Justice4Rasmea.

Given it is taking place in Chicago, and not California, I assume Reems bakery will not be catering.

Nor will there be a slideshow showing her victims Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner.

Meanwhile, Justice4Rasmea reteeted the following:

Note the mention of 50 years of “organizing and community development.” Remember, she has been in the US for 22 years only. 50 years ago, she was still in Israel as a member of terrorist organization PFLP, helping perpetrate the deadly terror attack in 1969. So we all know what they mean by “50 years of organizing.”

Update: Better, right?

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