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Terror-Supporting Reems Bakery Served a Small Dose of Karma

Reems bakery has apparently averted a disaster, with their deck oven exploding

Separated at Birth: Twisted and Evil Edition

When an evil terrorist resembles an evil terrorist

Germany Acts to Deport Terrorist Rasmea Odeh

Convicted terrorist and evil prune-face Rasmea Odeh has been banned from Germany, where she was scheduled to spread her vile propaganda

50 Years Ago Today, Rasmea Odeh Murdered Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner

On February 21, 1969, a Jerusalem supermarket was bombed, killing two Hebrew University students.
Linda Sarsour Tamika Mallory Farrakhan

The Absurdity of Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory Defending Rep. Ilhan Omar: In Pictures

It won't come as any surprise to most, if not all, of you that Women's March co-chairs Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory are among those defending antisemite Rep. Ilhan Omar. 

The Daily Freier Helps Reem Assil Choose a Mural for Her New Restaurant

And in the interest of caring, we decided to help you come up with a great idea for a mural! So this morning we dug into an enormous bowl of (Trigger Warning!) Israeli hummus and brainstormed some ideas.

Further Proof BDS Supports Destruction of Israel

While we can laugh at their lame dance moves and terrible singing, what they stand for is terrifying

Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Deported From US! (With Video)

Supporters were on hand to farewell her (but not so many by the looks and sounds of it)

WATCH: Reems Bakery Protests

Good to see the protests outside Reems bakery in Oakland, California are still happening

Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Being Deported From US on September 19

It's official: terrorist Rasmea Odeh's deportation from the US is this week
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