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Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): “On Both Sides”

Ever spend ten years building something, then instantly regret it?!

That’s how I feel about my Twitter feed. I’ve spent the last decade carefully curating the best minds in tech by creating Twitter lists that I look to for the latest news in the world of innovation.

I have very little variety in these lists, all tech folks, primarily in SF and NYC. I used to love opening my Twitter app, and within seconds, catching up on what’s important in tech.

No longer. All that is gone and it has been for the past year, if not more.

Now my Twitter feed looks very different. It has transformed into a total echo chamber. An echo chamber of hypocrisy. A retweet fest of bleeding liberals sharing each others’ obsessive disdain for the president of the United States.

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

I did not vote for the man. I think he’s absolutely cuckoo, I really do. I think he’s worse than that. I think he’s mentally unstable. And before I go back to my Twitter feed, anyone who thinks Donald Trump is all there, well, you scare me too. He is a childish, narcissistic, defensive, shallow, ignorant ego maniac.

Otherwise, he’s great. (That right there is sarcasm, before anyone goes quoting me saying that Trump is great!)

But the hypocrisy on the left is truly hard to believe. I, like many others, have grown to expect it by now. We’re used to it. But then, occasionally, something happens and my allergy to hypocrisy begins to flare up.

Today is one of those days.

Trump gave a truly insane press conference yesterday. Again, insane. No other way around it.

My Twitter feed is obsessed with three words for the past week. “On both sides”. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that our president is creating an equal sign between Neo Nazis and the people who protested them. They can’t handle the moral equivalence or the moral relativism that he seems to be implying. As if there is not a right side and a wrong side. Only “On both sides”.

Oh, really now… So cute.

Yet, somehow, for years, for decades, those same liberals and their leaders had no problem painting a huge equal sign between both sides, one side that embraces life and defends itself with its army and another side that embraces terror and death by inciting and educating their children to hate and murder.

One side that carries out suicide bombings, massacres families, abducts and murders children and one side that has done all it can do, including making very painful concessions in the hopes that one day, we can all live in peace.

When it comes to those sides, the left has no problem saying “On both sides.” When a terrorist kills and is then taken out, those same people say “on both sides”, and they have for years. But now, they’re all offended by the equal sign?! Yea, ok.

Oh, there were Nazis walking in your streets and you can’t have that? They were calling to kill all the Jews and you care about our rights and are anti bigotry? Wow, how noble of you.

Would you like me to send you some videos of Imams saying the same thing, only worse, just a few weeks ago, from the podium of his mosque in your precious USA? Need I remind you your reaction then, or lack thereof?

Need I remind you your reaction to all the horrible Palestinian incitement and calls to kill all the Jews and how your previous commander-in-chief welcomed the very people spewing that poison to your precious White House? Need I remind you how deafening your silence was then?

Oh, you’re upset Trump didn’t call out the extremists and actually say the words “Neo Nazis” when condemning those horrible events? Need I remind you how you ridiculed me when I tried to explain to you how important it is that Obama say the words “Radical Islam” when time and time again, Americans and Israelis were murdered at the hands of radical Islam?

What’d you say to me back then? “What’s the difference if he says the words? It’s just words. You’re obsessing over something so unimportant.”

Just words, huh? You’re so cute.

I can honestly go on for hours here. The level of hypocrisy in my Twitter feed right now makes me physically ill.

The jokes about how Trump would react to Hitler, the comparisons and delegitimization of the democratic system, it is just too much. It is hard to believe.

Smart people. That’s the worst part. People I tremendously respect and learn from professionally on a daily basis. Except all that is gone. No more tech. No more insights. Just a sick obsession with the man and a blatant neglect of every single principle these people embraced just one year ago.

How long before someone on the left questions where Trump was born? I mean, they have already done everything else they complained about when Obama was on the receiving end.

Everything that they deemed inappropriate means to oppose Obama, they have now embraced in their obsessive opposition to Trump. Every single thing!

Honestly; Twitter used to be my happy place. The app I would open when relaxing on the couch after a long day. That’s all gone, and the worst part? I could never share any of this there because I’d get immediately lynched.

Freedom of speech? Another opinion? Civil debate? Yea, sure. Only when you agree with them.

Sad state of affairs but the cup half full? Now perhaps, those same people will understand how frustrating it is to be equated to “The other side” when you fight for freedom and peace while the people you are being compared to glorify hatred, poison, and death. It’s not very fun, is it?

I guess we have Trump to thank for opening the world’s eyes to the dangers of moral relativism.

Hillel Fuld is the CMO of Zulastrategic advisor at various startups and startup incubators, startup mentor, and a tech blogger who contributes to sites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, Gigaom, and others.

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