Terrorist Rasmea Odeh: Would Somebody Please Show This Poor A-Hole The Way Out of Town?

The title is based on this quote from one of my favorite comedy movies, the Frisco Kid, in response to the news that murderer Rasmea Odeh has been sentenced to deportation and loss of U.S. citizenship .

No-one has been more on top of the story than my friend William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, who describes proceedings.

Rasmea Odeh appeared in federal court in Detroit this afternoon for sentencing on immigration fraud charges.

As expected and agreed to in her plea agreement, the Court sentenced Rasmea to deportation and loss of U.S. citizenship. She will serve no further jail time beyond the 33 days already served prior to being released on bail, and is fined $1000.  It is not clear when she will be deported, but is now under ICE supervision (but was not taken into custody, per order of the Judge).

Apparently Rasmea was as defiant as ever. She never has shown any remorse for any of her crimes, and continues against all evidence to claim that she is the victim.

Local News reporter Rod Meloni observed the sentencing, and tweeted some details of the proceedings.

According to reports, the Judge made the following statements during the hearing:

“All this history doesn’t have any bearing”

“I’m not really interested in whether you are or are not a terrorist”

“Even if you suffered from PTSD I find it hard to believe that caused you to make false statements” to obtain visa and naturalization

“These questions [on the immigration forms] were unmistakably clear”

You made false statements “and you did it intentionally”

“I don’t think the PTSD defense you were putting forth would have been successful”

“When people come here we expect them to be honest and truthful, and you weren’t”

“This case is really more serious than you think it is.”

Outside the Courthouse, Rasmea’s lawyer Michael Deutsch lambasted the Judge in very pejorative terms, even claiming the Judge was “controlled by the U.S. media, by the U.S. power” and didn’t want to hear about the “occupation of Palestine.”

Rasmea also spoke, also attacked the Judge, and declared her right to resist occupation. “We will liberate our Palestine, all Palestine.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement which reads, in part:

“Today’s court action clears the way for this defendant’s removal from the United States and should serve as an unequivocal message that the U.S. will never be a haven for those seeking to distance themselves from their past atrocities,” said Steve Francis, HSI special agent in charge.

An unrepentant terrorist until the end, Odeh who will no doubt continue aiding and abetting terrorism from her new home in Jordan, where she is bound to end up. In the meantime, her presence in the US will be relegated to the mural of a particular bakery in Oakland, California.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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