Colin Kapaernik Still Doesn’t Have a Job, Because Palestine. By Linda Sarsour

So you don’t think I can link Colin Kapaernik’s job prospects to the Palestinian cause? Hold my latte.

Speaking of which, wanna know the best thing about Intersectionality? I can connect anything to anything, especially if that second ‘anything’ happens to be a certain group of Arabs who have lived in the Holy Land for thousands of years. Or since last Wednesday. Whatever. Anyways, when it comes to Intersectionality, the Palestinian cause is like an amazing purse. You can literally match it with anything. Police-minority relations in St. Louis? Check. The plight of American Indians? Check. America’s immigration policies? We got this.

So when I found out that Colin Kapaernik still hadn’t been signed by an NFL team, I immediately said to myself “OMG OMG this is just like Ramallah!” I mean, it’s totally racist. The Constitution guarantees that you can say or do anything you want to and people are still obligated to hire you for the job of your choice [Editor’s note: No. No it doesn’t.].

Listen. Colin deserves a starting Quarterback job on a good team. So what if he trashes the National Anthem and seems to excel more at things that don’t involve, like scoring touchdowns and stuff. And the Palestinians deserve their own State. And the Right of Return. And their very own agency at the UN. And free cable. Because holding people to the consequences of their actions is a micro-aggression. I mean, it’s worse than manspreading.

Isn’t Intersectionality just A-MA-ZING?


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