WATCH: Antisemites Admit The Jews Are Talented Enough To Find Cure For Cancer And Aids

Granted, I am looking at the glass as being half full, not empty.

7 thoughts on “WATCH: Antisemites Admit The Jews Are Talented Enough To Find Cure For Cancer And Aids”

    1. Yes, I liked that too. My son’s science teacher, who is Israeli, last year told the class (in a Jewish school) that in the year 2040 one man will kill another man over a glass of water. I must tell him to stop being silly – we own most of the fresh water.

  1. After the first few seconds of outrage I found myself laughing aloud at the whole thing. Do they really believe their own propaganda, which they are so earnestly discussing? Or is it all just an act? I cannot believe that sane, educated people, even in Arab countries, can believe such twaddle.

    And if they do believe it – well, let them! It certainly doesn’t harm to have them terrified of us!

    It’s like the old joke of the 2 old men in a shtetl. One is reading the Jewish paper, one Der Stuermer. The man reading the Jewish paper si horrified. “How can you read such an antisemitic paper?”. “Because I much prefer the news in Der Stuermer” replies the 2nd man. “The news is so much better. Did you know that we Jews rule the world and control all its resources?”.

    This is a very similar situation.

    1. I had the opposite reaction: I was laughing until I thought about it and realised that this isn’t satire, this is some current affairs program. This could influence people, and insite violent and murderous acts.

  2. Norman_In_New_York

    The Rothschilds? That’s so 19th Century. If they must demonize a superrich Jewish financier, how about George Soros, who is worth more than all the Rothschilds combined and uses his treasure to fund radical causes?

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