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Linda Sarsour’s Telling Reaction to New Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus

The Gaslighter-in-Chief has launched into a tweet and retweet storm following the announcement

Once Upon a Time the Jew Haters Were Gassing Us. Now They Are Gaslighting...

Definition of gaslight: to attempt to make (someone) believe that he or she is going insane

A Tweet That Has Not Aged Well for “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite” Linda Sarsour

Not a good look, especially for someone who claims she is not a Jew hater. 

Photo of the Day: Snakes on a Plane Edition

Hater Linda Sarsour recently posted on Instagram this photo of her and fellow hater Roger Waters

Linda Sarsour Shamelessly Lies About Gaza Violence

Israel hater Linda Sarsour has weighed in on the rocket fire from Gaza into Israel with a lie-riddled Facebook post

WATCH: Linda Sarsour At Her Disingenuous Best

At a talk at Hillsborough on March 31st, 2019, Linda Sarsour made a number of disingenuous comments, which I have highlighted for you in this video.

WATCH: Rashida Tlaib on How 911 Affected Her

In a video released by "Makers", US Rep. Rashida Tlaib speaks about how 911 pushed her to be more involved in politics and her community.

Take Your Words and Shove ‘Em!

Because some of us are no fools

Linda Sarsour’s Twin Obsessions: Jews and “Palestinian” Ice Cream

Another day, another post by Linda Sarsour obsessing about "Zionists"

Upcoming Panel Discussion Featuring the ‘Harlem Globetrotters’ of Anti-Israel Douchebags

Roger Waters, Linda Sarsour and Marc Lamont Hill walk in to a fine arts center...no, this is not the beginning of a joke, but rather what is going to happen in a few weeks at UMass-Amherst.

About THOSE 911 Comments of Ilhan Omar

My thoughts on Rep. Ilhan Omar's 911 comments, as tweeted by US President Donald Trump

Haters’ Ridiculous Israeli Election Complaint

Ahead of the Israeli elections, haters like Linda Sarsour posted an "infographic" from IMEU

Linda Sarsour’s Latest “Own Goal”

Linda Sarsour has posted the following on her Facebook wall - a rap song by Israeli-Arab Tamer Nafar, an Israel hater who self-identifies as "palestinian" and has a penchant for blaming everything on Israel


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