Polish Pyromanic Antisemite Wants To Sue Those Who Call Him An Antisemite


You can’t make this stuff up – unless you are Polish antisemite I guess.

A Polish man sentenced to prison for burning an effigy of a haredi Orthodox Jew said he will sue the leaders of the Wroclaw Jewish community for publicly naming him an anti-Semite.

Piotr Rybak burned the effigy during a 2015 demonstration in Wroclaw against accepting refugees in Poland. An appeals court reduced his prison sentence to three months after a Wroclaw court had sentenced him to 10 months.

Let me guess – he claimed he really was only an anti-Zionist?

He later explained that it was meant to represent George Soros, the Hungarian-Jewish billionaire and philanthropist who has advocated for a common European asylum policy.

Oh, well, Piotr is still a terrible liar. For a start, here’s the effigy (taken from this video)

You can clearly see the black clothes and beard of an Orthodox Jew.

Here’s George Soros:

Yeah, no.

Also, my Polish is rusty (ok, non-existent) but I am pretty sure some videos featuring Piotr indicate he is a Jew hater. Just a hunch.


Meanwhile, here is another view of the effigy burning. Note the armband.

Looks scarily reminiscent of another type.

So Piotr, close but no cigar (and you’d use it anyway just to burn an effigy).

You are a vile Jew hater.

P.S Enjoy prison!

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