“Cute” Little Kid Throwing Stones

I started visiting Hebron last winter. The first time I went was with (the far Left) Green Olive Tours. As we drove through the Arab district on our way to the drop-off point near a number of shops and the steps leading up to the Cave of the Patriarchs, our guide remarked about a little kid throwing stones at our vehicle. I did not see the child but, by the tone of his voice, my impression was that he was talking about a pre-schooler. He said:

Oh! There’s a little kid throwing stones at us. Isn’t that cute!

Now, if it was a pre-schooler, that child would be accompanied by an adult or teenager. But I did not see it so I cannot comment further.

A few months later, when I took the public bus from Jerusalem to Hebron, I noticed a child of about 8-years-old throwing a stone at us. I was quick enough to get a photo.

child throwing stones in Hebron

While I cannot be sure whether or not he had actually thrown real stones, it is clear from his stance that this kid was well practiced in the stone-throwing stance. I do not find this cute, and I surely do not think it will be cute when he reaches adolescence.


Sheri Oz

Living in Israel for 40 years, Sheri is a retired psychotherapist. Always interested in politics and international affairs, she now has time to study and write about it to her heart’s content. She often writes on her own site, Israel Diaries - www.israeldiaries.com

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