“Cute” Little Kid Throwing Stones


I started visiting Hebron last winter. The first time I went was with (the far Left) Green Olive Tours. As we drove through the Arab district on our way to the drop-off point near a number of shops and the steps leading up to the Cave of the Patriarchs, our guide remarked about a little kid throwing stones at our vehicle. I did not see the child but, by the tone of his voice, my impression was that he was talking about a pre-schooler. He said:

Oh! There’s a little kid throwing stones at us. Isn’t that cute!

Now, if it was a pre-schooler, that child would be accompanied by an adult or teenager. But I did not see it so I cannot comment further.

A few months later, when I took the public bus from Jerusalem to Hebron, I noticed a child of about 8-years-old throwing a stone at us. I was quick enough to get a photo.

child throwing stones in Hebron

While I cannot be sure whether or not he had actually thrown real stones, it is clear from his stance that this kid was well practiced in the stone-throwing stance. I do not find this cute, and I surely do not think it will be cute when he reaches adolescence.

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