Latest Blood Libel: The Kidnapping & Beating Of Time-Traveling Palestinian Youth


Anti-Israel site the Palestinian Information Center have posted about some more supposed Israeli crimes.

The post does not mention why they were supposedly “kidnapped” and “beaten” – perhaps because Israel discovered they were time travelers who also have an uncanny ability to pose for an identical photo years apart as different people?

Note the information in this older report (also from an anti-Israel source) – they have a different surname, there is no mention of the brothers being beaten, they were released after several hours, and the reason for their detainment was they were suspected of throwing stones at the light rail (which would not be surprising, despite their age).

Although even this report contradicts itself. Were they released after several hours…or several days?

Of course not much of this makes sense because the palestinians and their supporters lie. It is what you need to do when the truth is not on your side.

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