WATCH: Linda Sarsour Again Compares Zionists To White Supremacists and Racists


Faux feminist Linda Sarsour is yet again using her platform to demonize those who support Israel. At a social justice rally on Sunday, she once again mentioned Zionists in the same breath as white supremacists and racists, suggesting they have all been trying to intimidate her.

Sarsour even went further than this, suggesting Zionists at the march made her feel unsafe.

“I’m going to be honest, there are instances of things that happened to me at this space [in the march] that made me feel unsafe,” she said, in what some took as a reference to signs supporting Zionism, brought to the rally by a pro-Israel group.

“And that is why I’m in this corner today instead of amongst the people,” she said regarding the security ring surrounding her.

This is a recurring theme of Sarsour’s. She is constantly demonizing Jews who support Israel, and trying to draw a connection between them and White supremacists. She also paints us as “White”, which is not the case and is indicative of Sarsour’s own racism towards Jews. Not that she can be trusted on judging on who is White and who is not – she admits she makes it up as she goes along, to advance a certain agenda.

You can see this on display in this answer to a young man who asked her a question at a  recent Q&A.

Note also how she explains her objection to Zionists at social justice rallies – that they make it about Zionism (while she would never make her participation about Palestine). This is utter baloney – even in her opening comments at the social justice rally she mentions she is a Palestinian. Intersectionality, much? Her whole modus operandi is about making allies for the palestinian and even Muslim cause. Heck, she has said as much in front of her own community.

I have said it many times before. Do not be fooled by this woman.

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