Hananya Naftali: God Put Me in IDF to Share Jesus and “Be The Light Among Jews”


I have already written about Israel advocate Hananya Naftali many times before – not because of the pro-Israel videos he puts out, but because of my concern about his intentions.

Don’t get me wrong – he clearly loves Israel and I believe he sincerely wants to improve our situation in the world. But from what I can tell, he also seems to have another purpose, and that is to influence Jews to become Christians. And my concern is his online popularity can put him in a position to do just that, especially among younger, impressionable “fans.”

As a Jew, I object to this wholeheartedly. While I am a big fan of my Christian brothers and sisters who support us, I am not one of those who cannot accept us Jews who follow Judaism. (Which means we do not believe in Jesus, nor should we).

In a video I included in my very first post on him, Hananya tells of how he decided not to talk about Jesus but rather to show Jesus through his actions – and thus provide the opportunity to share the gospel with his fellow (Jewish) IDF soldiers. A subtle form of missionizing if you will.

I have now discovered an earlier video of Hananya, in which he is even more direct about his intentions – he believes God put him in the army precisely to share Jesus with Jews, to be “a light among Jews.” He then states “It is not easy to be the light in the dark”, implying Jewish belief is the dark.

Note: As suspected, he pulled the above video. Not to worry, I suspected he would do this to hide his agenda, instead of being open and honest, so I downloaded it and uploaded it here:

I am very disturbed by this. Especially given what he has stated as his “top mission”

So ask yourselves: Why did he feel the need to pull the videos?

I have been criticized by some of you before for suggesting that Hananya may be motivated by trying to missionize to Jews. Some have pointed out he does not speak about this anymore in his videos. But I find it hard to believe he has abandoned his “top mission” in a matter of a few years. And given he even recently deleted tweets that did not look good for him, I do not trust his intentions.

So back to what I have been saying all along: Hananya, if you want to be a Christian lover of Israel, go for it! Just don’t you dare missionize to us Jews.

Update: I contacted him on Twitter to repudiate missionary activity and he refused to respond. I am convinced he won’t because he is still determined to “save” us Jews.

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