International Judo Federation Censoring Critics of Their Tolerance to Arab Anti-Israel Shenanigans


More Arab-state Judo shenanigans, with organizers of the Openweight World Championships in Marrekech, Morocco holding up Ori Sasson’s travel visa.

And it seems the International Judo Federation – or at least those who run their Facebook page – do not like anyone criticizing them for their seemingly tolerant approach towards this intolerance.

Reader Michelle has informed me that she cannot comment on the IJF Facebook page, sending me the below screenshot as proof.

I checked; this is what I see, as someone who had not left a critical comment on their page

So she has a point. And others have complained of a similar problem.

I just left the following comment on the Facebook page.

I am guessing I will meet a similar fate to Michelle.

In the meantime, I am hoping the IJF will develop a spine and some testicles. But I am not holding my breath.

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