Pro-Israel Posters: Israeli Arabs Heart Israel

Dave has already reported on the recent polls showing the pride Israeli Arabs have in the state and their growing identification with it. So I thought it would be nice to break some this good news down into easily shareable posters, to help debunk the disgusting apartheid canard.

On Israeli Arabs strong sense of belonging to the state:

On Arabs describing themselves more as Israeli than Palestinian:

On Israeli Arabs expressing pride in the idea of a relative serving in the Knesset:

On Israeli Arabs having a favorable view of Israel:

On Israeli Arabs viewing Israel as a positive place to live:

On Israeli Arabs being optimistic about the future of Israel (from a poll earlier this year):

On Israeli Arabs seeing Israel’s overall situation as even better than Israeli Jews:

On a majority of Israeli Arabs being proud to be Israeli:

And one from another IDI poll in October 2017 that highlighted good workplace relations between Israeli Arabs and Jews:

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