A Day in the UN: “Zionism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction”


The single question that keeps popping in my head as I’m sitting at the UN headquarters in New York City is: how did we end up here? How did the UN get so perverted that terrorists can take a seat on floors where my badge doesn’t even let me pass?

How does this institution still have any legal legitimacy when it suggests that the only country that needs to improve in this whole world is Israel. Nine, let me repeat, nine resolutions passed condemning Israel in a single day while the rest of the members all together got six.

I know you just give a sigh and say well who cares about the UN?

Well, I get you, and I wish we could start from scratch and try it again; try to build up an institution that aims for world peace and thus, at least able to define terrorism. Because believe it or not, today the UN doesn’t have a legal term for terrorism.

So yes, it was a tough week at the UN.  And these are the things that we hear about, but sitting there, watching the dressed up crowd ready to bash on Israel yet again, is something… well… just disgusting.

Photo: Virag Gulyas

If I were asked to create an SEO plan for the last UNGA meeting, here are the key terms that were repeated with great care making sure you are totally brainwashed by the end of the week.

“Israel the occupying power.”

“Israel kills kids.”

“Excessive force against innocent Palestinians.”

“Collective punishment.”

“50 years of occupation.”

“Humanitarian Crises.”




Repeat these words for a week in front of hundreds in the room and thousands more watching it online, and you’ve got it: you simply are not better than Hitler.

The fact that the UN is using an unexplainable standard towards Israel, and Israel only, is not new.  If one checks the composition of the UN’s General Assembly where the Islamic States represent 11% of the total Assembly, then the whole Israel bashing screenplay becomes a simple mathematical equation played in political settings. Nothing is rocket science here; it’s all about numbers and as per my opinion, they lack legal terminology accepted by all. And the fact that while the Islamic States clearly do not love each other, they all have one common denominator that keeps them alive: their hatred towards the Jews. Or let’s call it by its name: antisemitism.

And this denominator was clear at this year’s annual travesty that goes on under U.N. General Assembly committee where all 193 members are present.

If you see the draft legislation and who sponsors them, you are already losing your mind. All of them are Arab countries with the occasional exception of Switzerland, and then you want to tell me that it is an unbiased document without a political agenda? Who are you kidding?

The only big issue here is that we finance this. Those guys, sitting there and getting their fat paycheck, are there from our money and advocating on behalf of Hamas.

Nah, this is a perversion.

The representative of Israel was great but pretty much alone. She called out the UN for ignoring reality and once again spending a whole week demonizing Israel, rather than talking about Syria or Yemen, and these very same countries have the nerve to accuse Israel. As she pointed out “for the authors of these resolutions the facts don’t matter.”

Well, if this would be the sole issue with these resolutions. But let me add more: nobody in the room talks about the stabbings, the tunnels, and Hamas in general. So you either bring a fully-fledged research paper to the table or stop pretending that these aren’t anti-Israel aberrations.

Apart from Israel, only the US stood up and gave a pretty sharp comment on why the US will vote against the resolutions – which by the way wasn’t entirely the case. He also called the committees work counter-productive and a total waste of resources. As he says “these bodies already wasted 6.1 million dollars.”

But let’s highlights the incredible parts:

Syria, taking the floor educated us all on what Zionism really is. Listen up because “Zionism is a weapon of mass destruction, a chemical weapon that had perpetrated mass destruction in the Middle East.”  Thank you, dr Bashar Al Jaafari, do you really preach morality here?

But it gets more heated: like the Iranian rep not even hiding the traces of antisemitism.

But frankly, are we still surprised about these? Sadly, not really.

On the other hand, seeing how each and every European country votes in line with the Arab states – including my own, Hungary – simply boiled my blood and broke my heart at the same time. The EU’s member states are built on a Judeo-Christian foundation. And yet, they go hand in hand OK-ing a resolution that refers to the Temple Mount by only its Arab name, “Haram al-Sharif,” while deliberately omitting any reference to the holy site’s Jewish and Christian connection? This is something utterly crazy. And shameful.

And while I can try to defend my country that it has to vote in line with the EU’s pretended one voice foreign policy, I know it isn’t the case. The EU inasmuch as it wants is still not a supranational institution when it comes to foreign policy. But then again, the political and economic games outweigh any morality, the common sense, and above all: the facts.

This week I witnessed the UN’s antisemitism and anti-Israel actions with my own eyes. So from now on, I am a witness, and I can testify, and it comes with responsibility.



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Virag is a digital communications strategist and personal branding consultant. She is also a loud pro-Israel advocate, the founder of Almost Jewish, a pro-Israel movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time.