Chutzpah of the Day


Well over a month after publishing their now infamous antisemitic article about Harvey Weinstein, Tablet Mag have remained defiant in leaving it up, despite the fact it has became a favorite of neo Nazis and other Jew haters. Don’t believe me? Here is but a sample:

The same goes for their self-professed “troller of nazis” Yair Rosenberg, who has remained silent about it, despite repeated calls by me to speak out against it or at least have it taken down.

A few minutes ago, I almost choked on my coffee when I went to check and see if the article remained on their site. This is what I was confronted with

“Be a mensch and donate to defiant disseminaters of antisemitic stereotypes!”


The chances of me donating to this rag are definitely nowhere nearly as high as the genius behind this campaign (and seriously, I’ll have what they’re having).

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