Actor Mark Ruffalo Continues to be The Incredible Sulk


We already know the palestinian reaction to President Donald Trump declaring what has already been fact for thousands of years (Jerusalem is Israel’s capital): rage!!

And the guy who plays the ultimate rage monster in the movies – The Incredible Hulk – has reacted to these palestinian threats in true liberal, Hollywood fashion:

Yup, that’s right. Ruffalo reacts to palestinian threats of violence, not by trying to implore them to be peaceful, but rather by asking Israel to not respond to the violence, while accusing us of apartheid, which simply does not exist here.

And he can’t even spell “Israel.”

Not that this is surprising from the same guy who cannot imagine Hamas is as evil as they truly are.

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A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media