WATCH: What Happened The Last Time Mordechai Kedar Was On Al Jazeera Arabic

Dave has already posted the latest clip of Dr Mordechai Kedar on Al Jazeera. He absolutely hammers them by pointing out that dealing with the Arabs for peace is pointless. Peace is not theirs to sell! They don’t have any peace across the Islamic and Arab worlds! What makes anyone think we here in Israel will get Peace no matter what we give up or hand over to appease them?

It’s worth adding some more background to this. Dr Mordechai Kedar has been on Arabic Al Jazeera before. As far as I know (and I’m waiting for an answer from Motty) this new Al Jazeera appearance is the first time he’s been on Al Jazeera in Arabic since the following clip from 2008.

In the following 2008 clip (which I had a hand in getting Palestine Media Watch to translate into English and Hebrew) he points out the inconvenient truth: Jerusalem, despite being well known across the whole of Arabia at that time, is not mentioned once by name in the Koran. Not one mention by name. The Islamic and Arab claims to Jerusalem rest on a reference to “the furthest Mosque” and their conquest of Israel (the Levant) in first half of the 7th century.

This is incredibly important. Islamic and Arabic claims to Jerusalem are on the grounds of conquest by imperial Arab forces and subsequent revision and alteration of their history and re-interpretation of their scriptures to include Jerusalem. These are false claims.

Islamic invasion and conquest often included the demolition or conversion of the conquered holy sites into sites considered holy by Islam. That is what happened to the Jewish Temple Mount and Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now Istanbul).

This clip made such an impression on the interviewer that he mentions it specifically in an interview he gave in 2016. Most importantly he again confirms what he found out when Dr Kedar told him: Jerusalem is not mentioned by name in the Koran.

I’d recommend you look out for his writings and other videos. Dr Kedar is one of the best thinkers and speakers on Israel and the Arabs. The following is a long interview that explores the entire attitude of Islam toward Jews (and other topics).



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