Debunking a Rumor: No, Shirley Temper Is Not a Mother With Child!


One of the things I take pride in with this blog is my devotion to accuracy. Sure, I believe I also support the moral side in this conflict, but I also endeavor to publish as fact only those things that can be proven or have reliable sources.

This was recently put to the test in the wake of Shirley Temper’s latest shenanigans.

Thomas Wictor, a tweeter with a proclivity to put forward conspiracy theories, made the following claim:

I have already shown that she is likely 18, but had never heard anything about her being a mother (and to her father, no less!). And I sure as hell was not going to accept it as fact, even though it being true would definitely not paint that family in a good light.

So I asked Wictor (politely) to provide some proof. After ignoring my calls for a while, he tweeted this odd (and some might say unhinged) response:

Google did not shed any light, so I decided to find out another way: by going over videos of the Nabi Saleh protests in which she appears, and seeing if she looks at all pregnant in them (And it would be safe to assume looking at videos of the protests in intervals of about 6 months or less should preclude the possibility of any interim full-term pregnancies!)

So that is what I have done, starting from May this year, since we have already seen her now in December (with the exception of photo evidence from Sept 2016, instead of video. And we also know she was going to give talks in the US in Jan 2017 but was denied a visa – surely if she was pregnant, she would not have been willing to go on such a tour)

For your viewing “pleasure” (note: this is a bit like Where’s Waldo)

May 2017

Feb 2017

Sept 2016


June 2016

Feb 2016

Sept 2015

March 2015

Sept 2014

March 2014

Sept 2013

March 2013

Sept 2012

March 2012

Oct 2011

April 2011

Oct 2010

So there you have it folks. I think it is safe to assume that Shirley Temper is not the mother of a child.

She and her family have propagated enough lies that are worth exposing – there is no need for people on our side to invent stories or disseminate invented stories.

And it hurts our credibility to do so.

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