Not So “Great” Britain


When British MP Alistair Burt was asked in parliament, what action he is taking to ensure that no UK tax-payers money ends up in the pockets of convicted terrorists, Burt was dismissive.

“Well it just doesn’t,” he said lying – and doing so pompously, with a generous dose of empirical arrogance. “We do not give aid to terrorists and the Palestinian Authority knows that.” Smug as a five-year old who grabbed the last seat in Musical Chairs, Burt sat down in a hurry.

Not only was he indifferent, defensible and protective of this scandalous sham, he outright lied by dodging the concept of “fungible money” – one of those phrases thrown around in politics often intended to dazzle, dismiss and deceive ‘The Proletariat.’ Palestinian politicians have appeared on television, even speaking in English, explaining, defending and legitimizing their paying of their “freedom fighters,” with foreign aid.

For a man who has nobly campaigned on behalf of the Yezidi victims of the barbaric ISIS genocide, when it comes to Israeli victims of a barbaric Palestinian Authority, Burt’s denial and protection of this evil entity is extraordinary because of double-standards.

Yet he is not alone in his defense of the indefensible.

In a previous chain of correspondence in which I addressed Stephen Twigg, the Chair of the International Development Committee, (IDC) I identified the misuse of British aid funds, and also gave evidence that the Department for International Development (DfID) – who undoubtedly have done much good, yet when it comes to Palestinian terrorism, have deliberately misled the public and parliament.

Getting a response from Twigg was like pulling teeth. After I had rebuffed his absurd and immoral idea that concerning an inquiry the DfID will investigate itself, Twigg reluctantly stated: “I suggest you allow us some time to do that on the issue you have raised – among our other responsibilities – and I will keep you informed as I have undertaken to do.”

Not, “The notion that our nation is rewarding those who tried to murder you (a British citizen), is so abhorrent to us, that rest assured, I am making this of the utmost priority.”

No. Not that.

But he did compliment me on my “extraordinary bravery in speaking so openly” about “my experience.” And on behalf of the IDC expressed “every sympathy.”

Compliments and sympathy is not what is needed. Like all survivors and victims of terrorism, I need action. I need justice. I need people in power to act on my behalf, and in this case I need the British government to stop rewarding my would-be murderers with UK tax-payers monies.

It’s not rocket science.

Once it was said of Great Britain, that it “ruled the waves.” But Great Britain no longer rules the waves, and Great Britain is no longer “Great.” It is not even “Alright Britain,” or “Not So Bad Britain,” or even “OK Britain.” Within a meagre hundred years, this once-great nation has lost its sparkling legacy of leadership; a leadership whose desire and moral conviction to protect and cherish the Jewish people was once so great, that they issued the Balfour Declaration.


These moral jewels of courage, honesty, justice, resolve, generosity and fair-mindedness, have been tossed away. In their place are replicas; “stones” of cowardice, underhandedness, dishonesty, unfairness and capitulation. The likes of Burt and Twigg are phony gems who impress by speaking the right speak. They are fakes, morally-cheap – as is every one who either defends or denies government policies of rewarding terrorists who murder Jews.

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Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli Jewish tour guide, jazz musician, cartoonist, public speaker and author of The Rage Less Traveled, her memoir of surviving a brutal machete attack. In her role for Palestinian Media Watch, she works to stop the Western governments’ funding of Palestinian terrorists.