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Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli Jewish tour guide, jazz musician, cartoonist, public speaker and author of The Rage Less Traveled, her memoir of surviving a brutal machete attack. In her role for Palestinian Media Watch, she works to stop the Western governments’ funding of Palestinian terrorists.
palestinian phone call

AP Rewards IDF’s Saving of Lives With a Spit in the Face

This is footage of a Gazan contractor of a 14-story building talking in Arabic to an Israeli army Intelligence officer

The Virtue of War

War is awful, and war is violent, but just because the result is inevitable civilian casualties, it does not make it wrong
Avraham Yoffe

Avraham Yoffe: On Deers and War

Avraham Yoffe’s life reads like one of swashbuckling fiction. A war hero and the guy responsible for bring back the Fallow Deer

Yehuda Poliker: Last Station to Treblinka

In the 1980’s world of Israeli music, Poliker’s melodies and lyrics ushered in a new era. He's still as popular a performer as he was then.
pizza hut deal

On Moses and Binge-Watching

Being nearly 3000-years-old and literally set in stone, Hebrew is the only successfully revived language in the history of the world

Endless Hope

How the NATAL, (a Hebrew acronym for Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War) was founded by Jude Recanati
Ben-Zion hadar

Ben-Zion Hadar: The Courage of a Child

Ben-Zion Hadar sprung to the limelight with the publication of the Hebrew best-seller, “The Cigarette Sellers from the Three Crosses Square.”

Zvi Yehezkeli: An Arab James Bond

It is rare that a journalist garnishes respect from both sides of the political divide. But such is the case with Zvi Yehezkeli
Benny Lau

Rabbi Benny Lau: Building Bridges

Rabbi Benny Lau is building bridges, convinced that whether Israelis like it or not, Jews are People of the Book.

Sylva Zalmanson: If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem

The bravery of Sylva Zalmanson, who was sentenced as a Prisoner of Zion by the Soviet regime to ten years of hard labor
Zev Vilnai

Zev Vilnay: Walking the Land

It is all but impossible to take a hike in Israel today and not recall the intrepid explorer, Zev Vilnay

Not By Bread Alone

Introducing the amazing Nalagaat in Tel Aviv, the world’s first theater for the deaf and blind
Naftali Herz Imber

Naftali Herz Imber and The Birth of The Hope

The fascinating and largely unknown story behind the creation of HaTikvah ('The Hope'), the national anthem of Israel
Gili Yalo

Gili Yalo: The Man Who Beat His Demons

Ethiopian music is hip in Israel, partly thanks to Ethiopian-born Gili Yalo, who with his family fled Ethiopia in 1984 to come home
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