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Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli tour guide, jazz musician and cartoonist. She is the survivor of a brutal terror attack. Since the attack she is a public speaker for StandWithUs and OneFamily Together.

The Apathy of Auschwitz

Kay has something to get off her chest

In The Name of Journalism

Today we are witnessing another blood libel - from journalists not only in the Arab world, but also in the West.

Dear Hypocritical World #NeverForget #InternationalHolocaustDay

Kay Wilson has a message for parts of the world on #InternationalHolocaustDay

Not So “Great” Britain

The likes of Burt and Twigg are phony gems who impress by speaking the right speak

An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan About Al Quds Hate...

Al Quds March is a slap in the face of the families of those whose blood has only just been mopped up from London’s streets.

From A British Survivor Of Islamic Terror To The UK And Manchester

This is not the Blitz. During the Blitz nobody was afraid to name the enemy.

Inspiring Stories Of One Family Together In The Desert

Individually and collectively, Israel and the Jewish people have a purpose and a perspective that looks outward.

An Open Letter To The Mayor Of London

Kay writes to the mayor of London

Building Up The Nakba Myth Condemns Arabs To Perpetual Victimhood

It’s a long, lonely, terrifying, yet exhilarating walk, out of the forest of hate.

Jihad For Jesus

For those who love irony, this is as good as it gets

The Rage Less Travelled

Alternative routes are paved with thousands of beheaded torsos of Eastern Christians, corpses of Boko Haram and mutilated Yezidi children.

Where I Speak On The Current Wave of Stabbings

I have a dream

An ABC to the Art of Slaughter

It is incitement that enables human beings to hack others to death without so much blinking an eye


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