EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Temper’s Mother Actually Instructed Her to Cause Trouble with the Soldiers


You have already seen the infamous video of Ahed “Shirley Temper” Tamimi and her cousin Nour Tamimi violently attacking IDF soldiers, video that was filmed by her own mother Nariman Tamimi.

According to this Times of Israel report:

While Nariman was also charged with aggravated assault, footage from the incident did not appear to show the mother doing anything beyond pushing the soldiers off the family’s property.

But a very observant Israellycool reader noticed Nariman speaking softly right before Ahed and Nour went and starting attacking the soldiers. It has been confirmed by two Arabic speakers that she was saying “utrodo” (“اطرد”), which means kick them out/expel them.

In other words, Nariman deliberately told her young daughter Ahed and cousin Nour to go down there and start trouble with the soldiers, in order to kick them off the property.

Filming her young daughter attacking soldiers is bad enough; but actually instructing her to do so is even worse child abuse.

What kind of mother would treat their child like this?

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