Fake News: This Was Not The Palestinian UN Delegation’s Response to Nikki Haley After All


A few days ago, I posted what we were told was the response of the Palestinian representative to Nikki Haley announcing that US will be cutting aid to the palestinians. My souce? This viral tweet:

It turns out this was fake. The video is actually from 2013, and shows past Arab idol winner Mohammed Assaf at the UN for International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The guy who tweeted the original has since blamed it on his brand of humor.

Why he waited over a day to admit this, I do not know.

I apologize for my part in spreading this falsehood, but the tweet was already viral (I saw it after Ben Shapiro tweeted it) and there was no indication it was not what it was claiming to be. Let’s face it – it sounds like something the palestinians would do! However let this serve as a lesson to all of us on the ease in which fake news can be spread.

Hat tip: Brad Q

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