Today’s Blood Libel: The Case of the ‘Detained’ Palestinian Child


A number of Israel hate sites are disseminating the following video and caption

Yesterday, more than a dozen of heavily armed #Israeli Occupiers surrounded a little #Palestinian boy and detained him with his father in Occupied Hebron.

Although they can’t seem to make up their mind whether it is from yesterday (like the above), or today

Leaving the inconsistent dates aside for a second, note that the video merely shows a boy very casually standing near some soldiers, before sitting next to an adult (perhaps his father). There is no suggestion he is being detained or is there against his will. In fact, his whole demeanor is that of a very relaxed child – he certainly does not seem at all afraid of the soldiers, who themselves seem almost indifferent to his presence.

Not only that, but there is no report of IDF soldiers detaining a small child in Hebron – if it did happen, you can be sure a whole host of anti-Israel sites would be all over the story.

This reminds me of another video doing the rounds among the haters

Again, there is no suggestion in the video of any child being detained. And other tweets of the video have a different caption

Once again, it seems like the only thing being held captive here is the truth.

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