Ozzy Osbourne Particularly Looking Forward to Playing in Israel of All Places

In an interview with Ozzy Osbourne about why he has decided to stop touring, one part sticks out:

The No More Tours 2 tour will take Ozzy not just across North America but to South America, Europe and Russia.  But there’s one stop he’s particularly looking forward to — Israel.

“I did a show there a few years back — it was unbelievable,” Ozzy said.  Nobody goes there, so they really appreciate it, ’cause in Los Angeles and New York everybody’s spoiled there — you get everybody who’s anybody.”

I wouldn’t say “nobody goes there” – actually most artists (who matter) do come here.

But I think Ozzy is pretty adorable and appreciate him admitting the idea of playing in Israel particularly excites him.

Update: Israel gets even more great mentions here!

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