Professor David Kang’s Disgraceful Doubling-Down on Infamous Lecture

A few nights ago, USC Hillel hosted Professor David Kang to hear his side of the story about why he used a slide called “Who are terrorists?” where he equated “Israeli Zionists” to the likes of the North Korea, Tamil Tigers, IRA, and other established terrorist groups in history. This follows his denial he was doing this, a denial I was not at all comfortable with.

An insider tells me

The event was organized by Bailey London, the executive director of USC Hillel. Pro-Israel students that attended felt the majority of the students were “Bailey’s puppets” and that the event was a “stage of apology”. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate that not all the Jews are as bad as those who promoted the campaign against Professor Kang.

When one of the pro-Israel students asked Professor Kang why no radical Islamic countries or terror organizations such as Iran, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas, made the list, he completely avoided the question until another one of the pro-Israel students put it more bluntly to which he responded “Honestly I was more concerned about the Chinese students in the class since Mao is a hero for some of them.” And that the Israelis should “know they are considered terrorists by some people.”

The worst part was that Bailey made a comment along the lines of “The groups that promoted this story did it because they need money and need to show that there is anti-Israel sentiment on campus in order to get donors dollars” which we know is the opposite in this case.

Oh and when asked if he regretted any parts of his presentation, Professor Kang said NO!

Kang’s obstinate response is reprehensible. It still defies logic why he would not mention any Islamic terror organizations yet mention Israelis – or understand why many Jews (at least not the schmecky apologist kinds like USC Hillel seem to be) would find this objectionable. Bear in mind, about 150 students attended the lecture – most of whom were not Jewish and likely had little or no prior education regarding Israel and the conflict. His slide without further explanation could only serve to drive them to form the conclusion that Israelis (and Jews) are terrorists.

Yet according to Kang, people like me raised a stink about his lecture just to get donor dollars! Besides the fact I am the stereotypical “starving artist” when it comes to my hasbara activities, the idea that pro-Israel people are in it for the money reeks of antisemitism.

At the very least, Kang should have apologized and taken full responsibility for his actions.

I know some of you are more charitable regarding Kang’s motivations, but for the reasons above, I simply cannot remain silent when someone like this has the ability to influence young minds.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media