Poll: Freakiest Looking Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite


Yesterday’s post about antisemite Dan Frank reminded me just how freaky looking many of these Jew haters truly are. Hardly the stuff of Aryan folklore.

Do not get me wrong – I am not someone who judges people by their appearances. But when it comes to Jew haters, who are bent on making life miserable for my people – even to the point of promoting terrorism and genocide – I am not about playing defense. I will do what I can to expose, mock, deride and make life miserable for these evil people.

With this in mind, I thought I’d select some of the freakiest, most in-bred looking of these bottom-dwellers. And you can vote for who you think is the freakiest!

Dan Frank

Jason DiPietro

Richard Vickery

Hesham Annamer

Joan Day

Shawn Jones

Fraz Pindiana Gondal

Tony Calder

Who is the Freakiest Looking Antisemite?

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