Cry-bullies: Social Media in the Age of BS

When I was a kid there were two kinds of bullies, the big dumb kids who pushed you around and tried to take your lunch or your lunch money and the smaller sly kids who poked at you and then ran to an authority figure crying when you responded. The big dumb kids were pretty easy to deal with, you just punched them in the guts and usually they found smaller easier prey. The second were harder to deal with because if you did punch them you got punished severely. To deal with them, you had to expose them as the whining cry-bullies they were. The best way to do this is to draw attention to their BS, make certain that people can see what they are doing for themselves. In an age when everyone sides with the “little guy,” this can be tough.

Pro-Palestinian activists (actually anti-Israel activists) love to claim they are being persecuted and silenced on social media, they claim that their positions are unpopular because of “Jewish control of social media” which in itself is not only a ridiculous assertion but one that itself is based in antisemitic notions of some super Jewish conspiracy to silence dissent. Haters like Steven Salaita and Miko Peled have made careers out of being cry-bullies and claiming to have been “unfairly silenced,” but both of them are demonstrably antisemitic and they are the norm, not the exception.

Their claim of unfair persecution is an easily debunked assertion when one looks at the facts.

Fact: The Pro Pallywoodians who actually do get banned, ALWAYS openly flaunt their Jew hate, in order to actually get banned.

Their antisemitism must be beyond doubt and even then, often obviously antisemitic people are left unbanned. Obviously antisemitic Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are often left up even after being reported. David Duke, Hatem Bazian, BDS groups, and other purveyors of nonsense have been allowed to remain, despite some pretty obviously antisemitic posts. There is even a guy named

Brian Ruhe, a mentally disturbed individual¬†who claims that “Hitler is the messiah” and that Buddhism is compatible with Naziism. We also have Greta Berlin who reposted Holocaust denial videos “for discussion”, and Steven Salaita who was denied tenure for his obvious antisemitism with gems such as ” Zionism, making antisemitism honorable.” Ken O’Keefe, who has bragged in public about being “proud to be an antisemite,” is also allowed free rein on Twitter. Canary Mission and Aussie Dave have documented a plethora of open antisemitism and Hitler worship by pro Pallywood supporters on social media, so I will stop there or this blog will become too long. I am not talking about soft antisemitism which permeates social media either; I am strictly talking about hard, almost Nazi-like antisemitism.

Fact: Pro-Israel Voices are actually silenced.

I am banned regularly on Facebook, yet when one looks at the posts I have been banned for, I have yet to be banned for an actually valid reason.

The nebulous “community standards” that are constantly quoted to me make no sense, especially when weighed against the myriad of posts I have reported. I do not post Islamophobic screeds or anything racist; everything I post can be factually backed up. I am not soft-spoken and I tend to be kind of rough and harsh, but this is in fact a cultural thing. I do not suffer fools or asshats gladly. In fact, when people have reported me, they never argue the veracity of my posts or statements; they couch it in emotional terms. I have seen these sorts of attacks against several other strong pro-Israel voices, to the point where I believe that unless you have been banned you probably are not doing enough! Israellycool has suffered DDOS attacks, we have been reported to Facebook, and other attempts to silence us, even though no blog does as much to verify facts.

Fact: I have had my former employer contacted by anti-Israel people claiming to be pro-Israel

They would complain about how mean I am, claim I post untrue things, and – my favorite – things that are “negative and divisive.” My old boss and I used to laugh at them but when she left on maternity leave, those complaints were taken seriously by people who are not used to doing advocacy and do not understand that this is in fact par for the course. I know other Zionists who have people call their work as well. The common complaint is “Islamophobia,” because everyone is afraid of that word.

Fact: Pro-Israel voices who do not post any actual hate speech are regularly banned, whereas banned pro palestinians banned were actually openly antisemitic

I challenge someone to find a pro-Israel voice who has been banned who posted actual hate speech. Then find a pro-Palestinian speaker who has been banned who wasn’t actually openly antisemitic even by the most strict standards, because frankly they are given far more leeway.

Fact: There is no way to challenge or even appeal a ban on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t make it very easy either

This means the morally challenged people on the other side take full advantage, smearing pro-Israel voices and mass reporting them. Recently I was banned for 30 days because someone reported a post that was several years old, and was in fact, a factually true post.

I thought about leaving Facebook entirely but I refuse to be silenced. I have done anything wrong so I will continue to speak truth to asshat power, and the cry-bullies can put that in their pipe and smoke it.


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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