Antisemite Brian Ruhe Disrupts Vancouver “Hijab Hoax” Protest


There have been some “hijab hoax” protests in Canada, organized by the Asian community, following the false claim by a Muslim girl that she was assaulted by an Asian man, and what they see as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s terrible handling of it.

Reader Ed was at one such protest in Vancouver. He tells me that an antisemite by the name of Brian Ruhe showed up to spread his Jew hate there, and was asked by the event organizer to leave. He refused, and the police refused to eject him. The organizer was reportedly so distraught that he arranged for a teenager to follow Ruhe with a sign stating that he was not part of the peaceful protest group.

Later on, Ruhe tried to photobomb a picture and several elderly women asked him to leave. Ed tells me the police cautioned him for coming near Ruhe (this would apparently make Ruhe feel uncomfortable), and that only young teens and elderly women were permitted near him!

The protest does not seem to be the only place Brian Ruhe is able to spread his Jew hatred.

From YouTube

He has a website here:

as well as a Twitter account, from which he spreads his Jew hatred, unabated.

The same goes for his Facebook profile.

He also has a YouTube channel that is still active, although not available in Israel for some reason.

I assume YouTube have restricted it due to the antisemitism, but that begs the question: why have they not taken it down?

Although according to this tweet of Ruhe’s, they might just do that.

While Ruhe was reportedly fired three years ago by Capilano University as a continuing-education instructor, he seems to be having an easier time of things spreading his Jew hatred online – and at hijab hoax protests.

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