Actress Amber Tamblyn’s Irresponsible Targeting of Hasidic Community After Harrowing Experience


Actress Amber Tamblyn had a harrowing experience, almost being knocked down by a bad driver, while crossing the road with her stroller.

But for some reason, she decided to identify the driver with a particular community.

Why she decided to make this about the Hasidic community, only G-d knows.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure many of them drive like nincompoops. But so do many people of all persuasions and ethnicities.

And she was rightly taken to task by some Twitter users who were uncomfortable with her generalizing. To these people, Tamblyn responded that she did not mean all Hasidim. Besides, some of her best husbands are Jewish.

By the way, this is what “Benjamin” said to trigger Amblyn’s “awesome”

To blame the Crown Heights Riots – in which an Orthodox Jew was murdered in response to two children being accidentally struck by a car driven by a Hasidic Jew – is vile.

I do not believe Tamblyn is antisemitic. However, given the pervasive hostile environment against Jews, she needs to be more responsible with her words. Because there are all too many people out there ready to pin all of society’s ills on us (as usual) – and even kill for it.

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