Poll: Most Aussies Seem Able to Cut Through the BS on The Arab-Israeli Conflict


According to a new poll from YouGov Galaxy (a subsidiary of UK pollsters YouGov), a very small percentage of Australians favor recognizing a palestinian state unilaterally, with an equal percentage favoring never recognizing one at all.

Note while the largest percentage are not sure, the second largest percentage support one only after a peace agreement between Israel and the PA.

Also of real interest: this even applies for Australian Labour Party voters while their party looks likely to adopt a platform of recognizing a Palestinian state on a national level.

But there’s more. The poll also reveals:

  • A majority of Labor voters also backed the US-supported position of moving Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  • Only 7% of voters believed the greatest obstacle to peace was Israeli settlements, with three times as many claiming it was Palestinian rejection of ­Israel’s right to exist
  • 52% of all voters back the view that either some or all of the criticism of Israel is motivated by antisemitism

It seems that famous Aussie trait of fairness and cutting through the BS seems to be shining through.

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