Jimmy Carter, The Peanut Calling the Kettle Black

Jimmy Carter, still flapping his (false) gums.

Jimmy Carter calls Trump’s decision to hire Bolton ‘a disaster for our country’

Former president Jimmy Carter, one of the few U.S. officials who has traveled to North Korea and met with its leaders, expresses hope for the planned White House summit with Pyongyang but warns that President Trump may have made “one of the worst mistakes” of his tenure by naming John Bolton to the sensitive post of national security adviser.

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, pegged to the publication of his new book titled Faith, Carter calls Bolton “a warlike figure” who backs policies the former president calls catastrophic.

“Maybe one of the worst mistakes that President Trump has made since he’s been in office is his employment of John Bolton, who has been advocating a war with North Korea for a long time and even an attack on Iran, and who has been one of the leading figures on orchestrating the decision to invade Iraq,” Carter said. He called the appointment, announced last week, “a disaster for our country.”

I wonder how much of a disaster for the country – say, Hurricane Katrina levels of disaster or something even worse, like Jimmy Carter?

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