Haters Pile on Jewish Rapper Drake for Crime of Making “Israel” Pun


Yesterday, Jewish rapper Drake posted the following on Instagram.

While Drake has shown pride in his Jewish heritage – even featuring his “re bar mitzvah” in a video clip – he has never weighed in on the Arab-Israeli conflict, nor visited Israel, as far as I can tell. So it seems to me he was clearly just being punny.

Needless to say, the Israel haters have pounced on him.




What this should show you is just how full of hatred the Israel haters are; the mere mention of the name of the Jewish state, especially in a way that connects it to Judaism, sends them in to meltdown mode.

Imagine for a second that a Muslim rapper made a pun with the word “Mecca.” Do you think anyone would dare rip him for that? And if they did, do you not think those people would be called “Islamophobic”?

I have a word for targeting a Jewish person who even mentions the word “Israel.” Clue: It starts with an “a.”

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