How NOT To Show You Are Not An Antisemite, By Ken Loach


We already knew BDS-hole film-maker Ken Loach was an antisemite – defending Holocaust denial was kind of a strong hint. And he certainly hasn’t damaged his reputation as a vile Jew hater by attacking those who oppose Jew hatred!

Left-wing film-maker Ken Loach has demanded that Labour MPs who demonstrated against anti-Semitism are kicked out of the party.

The Corbyn ally, who made Labour’s campaign broadcasts before last year’s election, said their support for a protest by Jewish leaders outside Parliament were ‘dirty tricks’.

It came as Israel‘s Labour Party suspended relations with its British counterpart.

Mr Loach told a Labour event near Bristol that MPs on the 1,500-strong rally organised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews last month should be deselected.

He said Labour would not be able to govern ‘if you’ve got two-thirds of Labour MPs undermining Jeremy Corbyn when he is prime minister’, adding: ‘Unless we get Labour MPs who believe in that manifesto last year we won’t get in power.

‘If they’ve been going to the demonstration against him outside Westminster… those are the ones we need to kick out.’

He added: ‘You cannot work with people who have come to undermine the biggest challenge we’ve had – we’ve never had a leader like Corbyn before in the whole history of the Labour Party….and that’s why the dirty tricks are going to come out.’

Mr Loach went on to accuse the Israeli government of ‘infiltrating and undermining the Labour left’.

If Loach was truly a nice guy about justice yet liked Jeremy Corbyn (for some strange reason), he would at least empathize with those who feel threatened by the clearly antisemitic actions and rhetoric within the Labour party, even if he did not agree they crossed the line. But by actually attacking these (mostly Jewish) people, he is once again revealing just how strong his disdain is for the Jewish people.

He’s evil.

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