Video of Guy Mocking Small Jewish Kid Goes Viral (Updated)


A video of a grown man mocking a young Jewish child with shaved head and side-locks for his appearance was yesterday posted on Twitter, where it promptly became viral (over 1.35 million views, and shared tens of thousands of times when I last looked).

After many of us reported it to Twitter, it was taken down, but not before I captured the video and blurred the young victim’s face, so you can all see just what we are up against.

Warning: Disturbing (mocking and bullying of a young child, and language warning)

The Twitter user who uploaded the video claims they took it down, but I do not believe them. Furthermore, they did not apologize, and in fact have attacked those who took exception to the video being uploaded in the first place.

Also disturbing was the amount of people reacting to this video with laughter and mockery of their own.

Imagine for a second it was a Muslim child. Or an African-American child. There would be an uproar – and rightly so.

But it seems when Jews are involved, anything goes. Because Israel. Or the Rothschilds controlling the weather. Or [insert your own excuse].

Update: This lowlife claims to be the man in the video.

Update: Quai James has posted an apology.

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